Strike Slip
Ink on Bleached Paper
12 FT x 22 FT x 2 IN
Strike Slip
May - August 2013
Omaha, NE
Curated by Hesse McGraw
Packing Action
Packing Tape, Stain, Dirt
12 FT x 40 FT
All photography © Colin Conces 2013.
Many people assisted in the making of this exhibition, thank you to all of the volunteers and visitors to the exhibition who inflected its final outcome. Thank you to the arts community of Omaha, the Bemis Board of Directors and to Adam Price, Hesse McGraw, Alex Priest, Heather Johnson, Holly Olson, Matt Lowe, Kenneth Adkins, Claire Landolt. + Laura Carlson.
Presenting Sponsor: Omaha Steaks

Sponsors: Brand Metal Works, Clark Creative Group, Council Bluffs Recycling Center, Davis Erection and Crane Rental & Rigging, Echo Systems, Education Power | Robert Webber, Colin Conces Photography, Larry Gawel Photography, Chris Headley /, Min | Day, Nebraska Arts Council, Nebraska Cultural Endowment, Nebraska Department of Roads, Rybin Plumbing & Heating, Laura and Gregory Schnackel, Sherwin Williams, Mike Sinclair, Upstream Brewing Company, Visions Custom Framing, Warren Distribution
Asphalt Paper
24 FT x 8 FT x 6 IN
Silt Curtain
Dyed Plaster, Steel
8 FT x 20 FT x 100 FT
The Gap Between the Two
Reclaimed Wood flooring, Stain, Acetate
2 IN x 45 FT x 60 FT
Screenprint on Plexiglas
10 FT x 35 FT x 2 IN
With materials including wood flooring, newsprint rolls, black rubber roofing, Hydrocal plaster, PVC pipe and rough framing lumber, Beck has generated an uncertain, shifting terrain that alludes to geologic and architectural forces, and reifies both the history of the building and its site. Beck’s process is a hybrid of his dual history working as an architect and a printmaker. Here, the intentional line holds equal weight to generative and accidental marks. Beck has both expanded the act of printmaking to the scale of the building, and broken architecture down to its core parts. There is rich detail in the layers of his work — gashed paper rolls, seared wood, charred and flayed skins, chalky strata and warbling light casts.