Thanks to Thomas Gardner, RISD’s Department of Architecture and to the students who participated in the project.
RillsCutsFurrows began as a provocation to Thomas Gardner's DP Seminar and exists now as an invitation to be active in the BEB gallery and participate in the creation of this work. Bring a tool to excavate content from the book with which you sit. As you cut, dig, rip and/or ____, collect material and pin it to the walls in front of you. The project will end on October 11 with a careful photographic documentation of the text panorama and a slow dismantling. These images and objects will be used to create a script I am currently writing for a series of workshops and performances at the University Central of Venezuela in Caracas School of Architecture in the fall of 2013.
These actions of excavation and collection are integral to my practice. The durational works take the form of large scale interior installations, interventions in the landscape, works on paper and works with text. Folded and oiled inkjet prints, documenting a selection of recent works, hang on the sawtooth walls of the gallery.
October 2012
Rhode Island School of Design
Providence, RI