70FT x 28FT x  6FT
Socrates Sculpture Park
All photography © Paul Takeuchi 2012.
Upon entering the sculpture park from one of the main gates, a black line scores the horizon, blocking our view of the river as we look toward Manhattan’s East Side. The line of “Quarry” opens into an undulating plane as we approach it. The size and scent of the piece allow our immersion in this charred wood landscape which cradles the view of Manhattan beyond. “Quarry” reasserts a horizon in the vertical city, hovering over the park, alien to its surroundings but nestled into its topography.
September 2012 - March 2013
Socrates Sculpture Park,
Long Island City NYC
Special Thanks to Build It Green, Native Lumber + Logging, New York Heartwoods, Andy Ness and Claire Wood