October - November 2012
ArtCurrent Tribeca Project Space
373 Broadway 5th Floor NYC
Masswasting” is a geological term that refers to falling material that has come loose from its origin and collects at the base of a cliff. The term refers both to the pile formed and to the act of forming the pile.
The sculpture “Masswasting” stretches between the two rooms of the Project Space and was created on site with wooden joists and thin sheets of cast plaster. Its structure, raw and exposed, reminds us of the wood frame construction that supports us sixty feet above Broadway. The piece is viewed first from room E20 where it leans into the space of the gallery. To view the extent of the piece, the viewer must return to the hallway and enter a second room through door E19. The scale shifts here, and the plane first experienced as a wall now settles as a landscape.
8FT x 18FT x 10FT
Plaster, Wood
All photography © Paul Takeuchi 2012.
Graphite on Paper
22” x 15”