Click the image above for a pdf of the exhibition poster and Anne Reeve’s essay about the work.
I made a project called Massive Gypsum in a small cinderblock building in a parking lot in Albuquerque in the spring of 2011. The idea began with a visit to the Carlsbad Caves where I listened to people applying names to the forms they saw. Popcorn, Veils, lakes of clouds. There was one sign that discussed what wasn't there: Massive Gypsum, a place where only a few drips of the material that carved out the earth to create the space we were in lingered. I used that as a concept for building the installation in Albuquerque. I collected abandoned wood from sites around town, built a new floor in the space with it, dusted it, cast plaster and foam on top of it and then slowly ripped it up, building structures with the new forms. I took thin slices, like flattened core samples, of the resultant forms and made drawings you could walk through.
Massive Gypsum
April - June 2011
Generator Projects, Albuquerque, NM
Thank you to Ben Meisner, David Leigh, Chris Calott