Special thanks to Stony Brook University, Dallas Bauman III and the Division of Campus Residences; Jackie Reich, Carl Wiltshire and the Tabler Center for Arts, Culture and Humanities. Project Assistance by Patricia Arneda, Mackenzie Subel and the Stony Brook Fine Arts Organization.
Event Horizon
October - June 2013
Tabler Center for Arts, Culture and Humanities at Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY
Interview by Jeremy Dennis
Event Horizon is an installation created at the Tabler Center with student and staff participation through a three week open studio and series of workshops. The installation is mounted to a 70’ wall en route to the main performance space in the facility and was created from a series of cast plaster objects, mounted to the wall. The plaster was cast from copper plates, curing, and causing the copper plates to oxidize. The color, variant shades of copper oxide, transferred to the surface of the plaster during the casting process.
Event Horizon
9FT x 70FT x 1FT
Plaster, Gelatin, Steel