Comprised of drawings and cast-plaster sculptures, Equivalence, staged first in Madrid and then in NYC in the winter 2011 reflected an investigation into the balance between the made object and the experience of architectural space, landscape and the body. The project was inspired by Alfred Steigletz’s photographs of the sky that he called “Equivalents,” through which he drew a relationship between image and experience of natural phenomena. The unique plaster pieces are made from ink and graphite drawings, which are rolled, folded and sewn into casting forms.  Once cast, they are sawn, shaved, and given an architectural edge.  The calcified structures are finally arranged in the space as a kind of three-dimensional drawing to immersing the viewer in a space of loss and longing.
Images from Backroom NY @ JustMadrid
February - March 2011
Backroom NY
New York, NY
Thank you Rody Douzoglou and Leffot.
Images from Backroom NY @ Leffot NYC