40 letters installed with hanging panels of translucent paper. Fish soup for 30.
Dimensions Variable
Correspondence is a meditation on loss. It uses the professional and intimate relationship between a sculptor and an architect and the (mostly) invented correspondence between them as a structure for a metamorphosing physical space to be viewed by an audience. Early in the project, the gallery was filled with a series of translucent sheets of paper, hanging from the ceiling. These modified one’s path through the space and acted as a framing device for an interaction with the individual letters, hung along the perimeter of the gallery, as well as between fellow viewers in the space. These planes of light were also used for a series of slow filmed actions, each correlating to a moment suggested by the words of Glen and David. For a closing event, I laminated the sheets of paper into figures and hung against three high windows in the main space. A rough cut of the filmed actions was projected on the far wall, and visitors were asked to take a letter from the floor, find a place to read it to themselves or out loud in the space.
January 2012
Hudson D. Walker Gallery
Fine Arts Work Center
Provincetown, MA
Special thanks to Jaime Roark and Charles Fletcher